Kin Food

Jul 29

Anonymous said: I'm a recovering alcoholic angelkin, & I struggled for a long time looking for something suitably ambrosia-like that wouldn't also get me drunk. Then I discovered kombucha (fermented tea). Most of it is hit and miss flavor-wise (YMMV), but SOMA Kombucha in St. John's, OR makes an amazing pomegranate-rose version that tastes so much like Home that I can barely stand to go a day without drinking one. (Google it, friends!)

First, I want to say how proud of you I am. It’s not easy to recover from addiction, and can be a hard choice to make. I am so, so glad you made the choice to get better. I’m very proud of you.

Second, thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said: do otherkin honestly believe they arnt human



We’ve answered this before, but I guess I can do it again.

The answer is no. I know I’m human, in a human body, in a human life, living in a human society, and using a human computer with my human fingers.

What I feel, though, is a spiritual connection to what I believe was a past life. I have memories where I wasn’t human. And sometimes, I wonder if my soul has a “shape,” because I can remember how my old body used to feel.

The short story is, no, we know we’re human. This is a spiritual belief (though others have different explanations, the past-life thing is most common). I know I’m not really a lion.

Anymore, anyway.


„„„„, no some kin literally believe theyre not human which may or may not be because theyre mentally ill but that doesn’t mean they should be thrown under the bus for it or that their experience is illegitimate.

especially if they are mentally ill

I was not trying to throw anyone under the bus, I was trying to explain the general consensus of the community. I didn’t talk about mental illnesses that include delusions because I am not a psychologist and I know nothing about them. I did not mean to offend.


Anonymous said: For the toadkin, I'd recommend getting fresh blueberries and mashing them with some rice vinegar and some fresh herbs to use as a marinade for chicken. If the ratio is heavily tipped toward the berries it will impart a lovely berry flavor to the meat, especially if it's allowed to marinate overnight. I usually use blackberries and sage, but blueberries would go very nicely with rosemary. The meat can then be grilled, roasted, or panfried.

rainyprincejellyfish said: Hello; I identify as the rain and storms. I am unsure if I should consider myself other kin or elemental kin and/or what I would eat. :o

4) “I don’t know what to eat, please feed me”

Uhhh… well, see, I can’t quite help if you don’t tell me your tastes. Sure, you tell me you’re x-type, I can come up with generalities, but what are you looking for? Snacks? A fancy meal? Pastry? Soups and Stews? The realm of food is large, my friends, and we need a bit of a map.

I’m sorry, darling. But could you perhaps help us a little more than “I don’t know what I would eat”? 


Anonymous said: for the toadkin: try some sort of chicken or meat with a blueberry sauce maybe? or steak with a fruity sauce

We have a meat with fruit tag


Anonymous said: A tip for anyone craving cold things. I'm a shadowkin who loves to snack and I love cold things that I can just pop in my mouth. So something that I love is frozen or half frozen grapes. It tastes fantastic

geeeegz said: I'm not a kintype or anything, but this blog is just so darn cute! I really like seeing how supportive everyone is of the many, many kintype out there! Also this blog has some amazing recipes just for foods on general!! Thanks for running such an amazing blog!! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

<3 Danke, darling. Really, thank you. Nice messages are so lovely.


poog-the-secret-fairy said: This may sound weird but, when I think of souls I think of Airheads. Not sure why, maybe because they're unique. They're a taffy but not. They have a nice tang and I like the idea of a semi sticky/chewy but not very so damned soul. I'm sure that sounds odd but I'm curious if any demonkin agree on this.

Anonymous said: anything for dollkin? I know that most food would probably suffice, since dolls are mostly human...but anything specific?

We’ve got this Animekin tag full of cute things? And the usagikin tag.

Don’t know how else to help you there.


Anonymous said: okay so this is the toadkin again? And i asked a while ago about approximating the taste of know with a meaty texture but blueberry tasting? i haven't really heard back from you guys and I just wanted to see if my ask made it through or not? This is really important to me, I wanna raise my magic potential and I feel like I can't do it without at least pretending to eat fairies.

Aaaaallll I can think of is to give you the blueberries tag. We can’t think of anything that is a blueberry without being a blueberry.