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Avatarkin? Like Na'vi? Anything for them?

Yes! I knew Na’vikin still existed! Woo! *hops up and down*

Anyway, that’s a toughie! Most people who’ve made Avatar-inspired recipes basically just make normal things that are blue-colored, but that’s not what the Na’vi eat, obviously. In the movie, it doesn’t show exactly what they eat. It shows them hunting, and I think there’s one eating scene if I recall but it doesn’t show clearly what they were eating. Since hunting is emphasized and they are very feline in nature, it could be inferred that they eat a meat-based diet. However, their teeth are very human, other than enlarged canines, which leads me to believe they also relied heavily on plant foods. 

I checked the Avatar Wiki and found a page about the Na’vi diet, based on the official field guide to Pandora, and it seems to confirm what I thought. Based on the information on this page, I’ve listed some Terran equivalents for Pandora foods:

  • Paywill: Cactus plants (try some of our recipes with prickly pear)
  • Rumut: Grape leaves, such as those used in dolma recipes, etc.
  • Utu mauti: Bananas or plantains
  • Pxorna’: Dragonfruit
  • Klpxiwll: Sunflower seeds
  • Mushrooms
  • Yerik: Deer
  • Talioang: Bison
  • Tapirus: Domestic pig
  • Dinicthoid: Muskellunge or pike fish
  • Nikt’chey: Any sort of lettuce wrap
  • Tsyorina’wll: Extremely similar to Earth cycads, but it seems to not be exactly recommended as a food source. I would suggest substituting with any preferred seed which, like tsyorina’wll seeds, benefit from soaking
  • Teylu: Jumbo shrimp or as I suggested a couple months ago to an Anon asking for giant grubs (think Lion King), a jello mold might work because you get the slimy, jiggly texture and also you can adjust the taste to whatever you prefer, even a meat-like flavor.

Also in doing this research I found that a LOT of plants on Pandora explode when ripe! And a lot more are poisonous unless harvested or prepared with precision. So, just a warning for anyone who dream shifts or anything like that - beware!

Hope this was helpful! Let me know if you’d like any additional recipes or information. Eywa ngahu <3!

- Fox

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