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Hello! I'm not sure which blog to send this to, so I figure here's as good as any. :) This isn't food-related, but for anyone having trouble with their shifts, or feeling like they need a release, World of Warcraft might be a good option to let it out. Just personally, I play as a Worgen Druid, and I find that the shapeshifting aspect really helps me get a handle on my own shifts, and release it more steadily, compared to waiting for it to surface in daily life. Just a thought! :) Hope it helps!

Literally a Frightening Amount of World of Warcraft Winter Recipes

Anything for a Blood Elf, like from world of warcraft? Particularly, things that could be construed as high-society, or magical in nature?

We have a World of Warcraft tag, actually! It’s pretty much all from Well Fed Buff, so check there for additional recipes. 


Went a little nuts with the WoW recipes!

For the Night Elf and for any fellow WoW-kin, there are a TON more recipes on that blog. I could post all day, but I’m gonna cool it for now. <3!

- Fox
(via Well Fed Buff: Delicious Chocolate Cake)
(via Well Fed Buff: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise)
(via World of WarCrafts: Barbecued Buzzard Wings)

This could be either vegan or a meat recipe depending on what you use for the main ingredient.

(via Well Fed Buff: Oronok Tubers)