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High King Varian Wrynn’s Tea


I’ve been having trouble with my throat as of late, and help came from an unlikely source:

The High King himself.

I was complaining about my sore throat, and he suggested this… concoction, that he used to soothe and heal all of his own throat ailments. I was skeptical at first, but when I actually tried it, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked, and how good it tasted.


A couple slices of citrus (I used lemon.)
A tablespoon of honey
A tablespoon of butter
(I added about a tablespoon and a half of rose syrup, but I know most people don’t have access to that.)

Boil your water and brew your tea as hot and strong as you can possibly stand it. Squeeze the citrus into your cup, and drop the squeezed slices in. Mix in the honey and butter, and drink as quickly as you can.

As I said, I was skeptical, but nothing helped my throat pain until I tried this. Of course, if you think you need to, you should definitely see a doctor, but if your throat’s just irritated, or you just want to change up the flavour of your tea, go for it!

Hello! I'm not sure which blog to send this to, so I figure here's as good as any. :) This isn't food-related, but for anyone having trouble with their shifts, or feeling like they need a release, World of Warcraft might be a good option to let it out. Just personally, I play as a Worgen Druid, and I find that the shapeshifting aspect really helps me get a handle on my own shifts, and release it more steadily, compared to waiting for it to surface in daily life. Just a thought! :) Hope it helps!

Literally a Frightening Amount of World of Warcraft Winter Recipes

Anything for a Blood Elf, like from world of warcraft? Particularly, things that could be construed as high-society, or magical in nature?

We have a World of Warcraft tag, actually! It’s pretty much all from Well Fed Buff, so check there for additional recipes. 


Went a little nuts with the WoW recipes!

For the Night Elf and for any fellow WoW-kin, there are a TON more recipes on that blog. I could post all day, but I’m gonna cool it for now. <3!

- Fox
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This could be either vegan or a meat recipe depending on what you use for the main ingredient.