Kin Food
Rainbow of crystal rock candy in test tubes
For the amoeba/Cthulhukin, perhaps something with fish in it for the Chtulhu side and something... gelatin-ish for the amoeba side? As you stated, amoeba usually consume bacteria and other microorganisms, so I'm clueless on that part. But, again, perhaps a South Pacific style for the Cthulhu side would help? I believe more information will be needed to devise an appropriate meal to please this individual as well as others.

Thanks! (-Fox)

we are an amoeba-kin and a cthulhu-kin. however, we both taste the food we eat, so we can't just have our own diets. anything you can suggest to eat that we can both enjoy?

Well, amoeba would eat like, bacteria and such, as far as I can tell. Cthulu eats… people, I think? I haven’t read any Lovecraft since I was a wee cub. I’d say try the blood tag, maybe. Sorry I genuinely wasn’t helpful. You’ve got me stumped! Maybe a follower will have better ideas.

- Fox