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I saw the anon ask about freezing grapes and would like to add that you can do the same thing with any sort of berry. I do it with blackberries,raspberries , and blueberries and it makes a fantastic snack in the middle of the night when the shadows are darkest ~ A food loving shadow
For the toadkin, I'd recommend getting fresh blueberries and mashing them with some rice vinegar and some fresh herbs to use as a marinade for chicken. If the ratio is heavily tipped toward the berries it will impart a lovely berry flavor to the meat, especially if it's allowed to marinate overnight. I usually use blackberries and sage, but blueberries would go very nicely with rosemary. The meat can then be grilled, roasted, or panfried.

hello friends, im an elfkin and i often come across the problem where i crave the texture/weight of meat, but get sick with guilt when i try to eat meat. to all the other elf/fae/any kinds of kin that also experience this struggle, i have found that cherries- the kinds with the pits in them- are a great substitute! theyre very “meaty” little guys, without the guilt factor.

ive also found that around these times, or the times when meat isnt such a guilt trip but i still rather have lighter foods, seafood is a godsend. things like salmon and shrimp are awesome when youre looking for lighter, “cleaner” foods while still getting the protein you need to remain healthy.

i also noticed, while sifting through the harry potter tag, a bit of a struggle to find savoury foods that are still wizardy. im not an expert on wizardkin, but i do live around the wizarding world of harry potter! these recipes arent going to be the exact ones they use at the parks, but here are some of the entrees/heavier foods that they serve at the leaky cauldron/three broomsticks!

there are more but they’re a bit generic- ribs, turkey legs, smoked chicken, but those above are decidedly the most british and harry potter-y. with the opening of the new park (july eighth), theres bound to be people trying to replicate the new candies and dishes as well so i’ll keep an eye out for those!

also, to my fellow earthkin, pumpkin juice is absolutely fantastic and relatively good for you. im embarrassingly addicted to the stuff- it tastes just like home.

Pixiekin here- one of my favorite things when i'm craving something that feels magical is an ice cream float with sprite, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry, plus a sprig of mint. It turns into a lovely light pink foam, and it's not quite like anything else i've ever eaten. you could probably even add sugar crystals or edible glitter to make it look even more other-worldly. It's one of my comfort foods, and i hope it helps someone else as much as it helps me.


That sounds amazing! I bet you could do that with all sorts of berry ice creams.


Hi! I'm a fox/faekin and I have a smoothie recipe that really appeals to my kinselves. 1 c. strawberry frozen fresh 1 c. mango frozen/fresh about ½ c. Milk/Almond Milk/yogurt a sprits of Vanilla extract Blend together. put sliced almonds on top. :3
Flower personkin here! I think a really good dish for fae/angel/deerkin is freeze dried fruit reconstituted in rice milk. Its super yummy and feels wonderful in your mouth! I just like rice milk in general it reminds me of the white glucose sap from flower stems.
hello it's not anything too complex but i saw the recipe for the creme fraiche and berries soup and remembered! just fresh berries with creme fraiche is delicious by itself and if you have the berries sitting in some sugar for a while they become somewhat syrupy and that's quite tasty with creme fraiche as well either by itself or spooned on top of some cake or tart shells or something :>
freeze-dried strawberries reconstituted in cold milk make a great snack for fae/angel-y folk uwu

That’s a really sweet idea, love, I may just do that myself.



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