Kin Food

Not a full recipe, but a suggestion for birdkin or anyone who would like worms: Korean Bean Sprouts! My grandma makes them quite often, they’re pale in color, a little crunchy, very juicy, and they look like worms! 

having eaten live termites, they totally taste like oily peanuts.
I am not sure if it has been said before but for any insectivores, I have heard that roasted ants, especially big fatty ones, taste like popcorn. Popcorn has a nice crunch to it like biting into the exoskeleton and can be flavored however you like. Many species eat insects, including plants, so I felt like this was an appropriate tips if a kin is getting the munchies for six legged crawlies but don't know where to purchase novelty insect food.
I discovered a useful thing for insectivore-kin! If real grubs aren't your thing, I find the texture craving can be satisfied by wild rice and barley oats that have been soaked or boiled. The kind you make stew with. Would be curious to see if anyone else agrees!
(via Palmetto Weevil Grub: Grugru | Eat The Weeds and other things, too)
Regarding crickets:

I don’t know anything about where to get them except that at my local soda/candy shop, they sell Crick-ettes and Larvets (little boxes of fried and flavored crickets and mealworms) as novelty items. I’ve had them and they’re quite good! Eating an entire box is a bit like eating a handful of potato chips so they’re not exactly filling, but you can get them online and if you’re lucky maybe find some random local place that sells them as well!

- Fox

Do you know where I could find dead crickets?

We actually just published an ask about that (thank the gods). Apparently the pet sections of supermarkets sell dead mealworms so perhaps they sell crickets in some places too? Also, ask at health food stores.


You can buy dead dried mealworms from supermarkets in the pet section, and probably pet stores too. I do.

I did not know this, but I’m glad someone did. 

And, of course, the obligatory warning every time we recommend pet food to our followers:

Make sure what you’re buying is safe for human consumption. 


I was going through your insects tag and near the top you recommended to a birdkin to buy mealworms and crickets at a pet store. Are they dead already or what? Because I really like crickets but live ones freak me out.

Nnnnp, they’re generally still alive. Sorry about that.


I'm a birdkin and I was wondering if you knew where I could buy mealworms or crickets? Or maybe some other type of bug?

Well, in my town I know we can buy them at the local health food store (and our candy store sell chocolate covered ones). But I also know that you can buy them online? It really depends on where you are and where you’re looking to buy them. Try using google to find places locally that sell them? 

Are you looking to buy in person or online? 

Also pet food stores. Pet food stores sell those. Especially ones specializing in reptiles. I have a friend who buys all his insects from pet stores.