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i'm a new follower so i'm not sure if you've gotten an ask like this already, but tonic water glows bright blue under a black light!! could be a fun time for spacekin or elementalkin or any other 'kin who likes to drink glowy stuff. search "aurora borealis cocktail" for a cool recipe.
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I dunno if it's just me, but the other day I was chewing mentos "pure white" (I think that's what it's called) gum and it almost had a sort of metallic taste after I chewed most of the mint flavor out of it, like what you get when you stick keys or coins in your mouth. I figured this would be good for metal-eating robotkin or even someone craving the taste of blood
Don't know if this particular idea for robokin has been suggested before, but if you make a gin&tonic with pink lemonade mixed in, you get the pink look of classic energon with the blue glow under blacklight from the tonic water. You can easily exclude the gin for a non-alcoholic version. I'm sure you could mix tonic water with other drinks for your desired color/flavor and keep the glow. Also, they make glowing LED "ice" cubes in many colors specifically to work in liquids of all temperatures.
So I was at the store today and I saw something that you guys might want to check out. It was called "Cupcake Gems", I believe. They were like sprinkles/sugar, but they came in gold, silver and pearl varieties. The gold and silver are definitely very rock looking, and the pearls look just like very small pearls. I'm thinking this might be useful for someone.

Thanks very much! - Fox

Good day, wonderful Kinfood. I noticed a lot of requests for electricity/energy/souls/etc, and I wanted to say that there's a candy called Zotz that would work really well. It's a hard candy that feels like electricity when you eat it! I hope this recommendation was helpful!

Thank you so much! - Fox

hi! i'm wondering if you can try and find some new machinekin recipes? i dont want to sound rude but i've looked through the tag a few times and have tried all the recipes i want to try, hopefully you might have seen some others that could be good to put on the blog?

We try and come up with new machinekin recipes anytime we’re asked but without something more specific to go on, we’re running out of ideas. We’d appreciate any suggestions, submissions, or specific requesets related to machinekin, androidkin, robotkin, and so forth. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

- Fox

While in the android kin tag I saw a lot of talk about stained glass and I think for any kin who might be interested in stained glass or sugary, shiny and crunchy things in general that looking into recipes for rock candy might work? You just pour it onto cookie sheets rather than making actual rock candy out of it and it's super easy and pretty delicious. It looks just like glass, I actually did it for a Breaking Bad party and there are tips on how to keep it from sticking online I think.

Thank you! We have rock candy recipes on here as well, if that helps. 


I identify as a Program fictive from the movie Tron, and I was wondering if you'd class that under machinekin or what?

Well it depends on what you’re craving. You could try checking the machinekin tag to see if anything in there appeals to you. We can’t really tell you what you are. But I would suggest looking at that tag, yes. And robotkin and androidkin - the associated tags, y’know.


shiny food spray

The world’s first edible spray paint — the cans, called ‘Food Finish,’ come in gold, silver, red and blue. The spray paint has no taste by itself and can be applied on any item of food to offer a quirky alternative to regular meals. To give the food a makeover, cooking enthusiasts must spray the paint layer by layer and wait for it to dry to enjoy the perfect finish. The unique idea was created by German food company, The Deli Garage and sell for £21.50 online.

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I added a click through link so you can get to the site. You’re going to have to translate it if you don’t read German, but it’s certainly a good idea. It’s like cute little spray paint cans. That’s adorable.