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Not exactly a recipe, but the ask wasn’t open, so i suppose this is the best place to do this.

I like to take buns and hallow them out with a spoon or my fingers, and then fill it with pulled pork when I’m feeling batlike, but If my other kins are active I like to fill them with jam or other fillings (You can easily use a spoon to do this) and microwave them. 

Its a nice quick snack that fills me up, and helps with my kin feeling at the same time owo

Hi, I'm cannibalkin, and I was wondering if there was anything humanish tasting? (I'm being serious, its really weird but its who I am)

Technically I’m not supposed to answer this, but I’ve got a soft spot for people-eating folks (a few of my closest friends are people-eating sort of fictives and I love them to bits).

So we do have a post about that here.

I often hear that pork tastes closest to human. And, having been near lots of pig roasts and the occasional person burning themselves, I can tell you they do smell similar. 

This is the only ask I’ll handle about this on Kinfood, but I can look for more on my kinblog (link in the FAQ) if you’re in need of more help.

EDIT: I’m told veal can taste very similar as well. (Thank you, anon)

EDIT2: (AKA I’m not posting any more asks about it)

 Apparently the best account of the taste, texture, and other properties of human flesh comes from a man named William Seabrook. If you look him up there are several articles that detail his descriptions. That might be useful to any kin who have cravings for human flesh at any point.


For the toadkin, I'd recommend getting fresh blueberries and mashing them with some rice vinegar and some fresh herbs to use as a marinade for chicken. If the ratio is heavily tipped toward the berries it will impart a lovely berry flavor to the meat, especially if it's allowed to marinate overnight. I usually use blackberries and sage, but blueberries would go very nicely with rosemary. The meat can then be grilled, roasted, or panfried.

i submitted yesterday but i think tumblr ate it, boo!

this was in response to the hellhoundkin who needed cheap stuff (probably wanting meat particularly?) but it’s good for anyone who wants some meat that’s easy to add to foods

this stuff is freeze-dried shredded pork (or pork floss).

you can eat it straight by pinching it up, or adding it into food. i like mine in rice and instant noodles. sandwiches also go well with it. it has a LOT of flavor, so a little goes a long way. rehydrating is easy, just butter, oil or even water will work - but it’s good dry imo).

 i think it’s about 4-6$ usually? you can get it at an asian grocery. (i get mine from my local H-mart)

This is probably a question for Lion ... I love jerky, but anything I buy in a store has too many spices and covers up the taste of the meat itself. Do you have any suggestions for someone wanting to make their own? All the recipes I've come across call for a food dryer, which is way too expensive and outside my budget ):

If you can’t use a dehydrator, I’m guessing a smoker is also out of the question because those are even more expensive.

LUCKILY I found this super awesome method that uses an oven!

They don’t really talk about different marinades, though, but those can be easy to find. And they also make their strips pretty thin, so go ahead and play around with thicker stuff if you want.

The long and short of it is:
1) Trim meat of fat
2) Slice meat into strips
3) Marinate in chosen marinade 
4) Line bottom of oven with foil (technically optional, though I’d recommend it)
5) Arrange slices on oven rack (it’s easier to remove the rack, arrange, then put the meat-covered rack back in)
6) Set your oven to as low as it will go, preferably between 140 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
7) Prop open the oven door with a WOODEN spoon, for air circulation

The batch will take between two and six hours, depending on thickness.


to the hellhoundkin asking about cheap stuff (and probably hoping for cheap meat):

if there’s an asian or chinese market anywhere near you, you can look for freeze dried shredded pork (also called pork floss). you can’t tear into it, so it doesn’t satisfy that, but it is meat, and you can add it to pretty much anything to get some meat flavor happening. i like mine in rice and instant noodles. it’s dry but you can add butter or oil or even just water to rehydrate it. you can also eat it straight (yum!).

the kind i get where i’m at looks like this:

it usually costs about $4 to $6 but a little goes a long way

Made the meatloaf in a mug, with some extra sauce like that other dragon suggested, to make it extra-juicy. Added some rice drizzled with sweet-and-sour sauce, and you got a delightful meal (and a happy dragon with a full tummy).

Made the meatloaf in a mug, with some extra sauce like that other dragon suggested, to make it extra-juicy. Added some rice drizzled with sweet-and-sour sauce, and you got a delightful meal (and a happy dragon with a full tummy).

BBQ buzzard wings (Lionkin? Hyenakin? WoWfictionkin?)
Rock Sirloin from TLOZ: Majora’s mask