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Hi. I'm new to the idea of otherkin and I was hoping I might be allowed to ask some questions without being mocked. I'm so sorry if I offend someone. I swear I'm not trying. I just wondered: What's the difference between 'kin and furries? How can somebody be a mythical kintype? Do kin ('kin?) creatures not have to exist? How would I know if I'm Kin? ('kin? A Kin? A 'kin? Otherkin? I don't know the term). Is it possible to be non-living kin? Like smokekin or shadowkin? Thank you so much for help!

We have an otherkin tag for those kinds of questions, since this is a food blog.

If you’re still wondering what’s up, Mod Wolf has a kin-blog, and I also have a kin-blog.

We’d rather just not clutter people’s dashes with the same questions.

-Mod Lion

Do you know of any other otherkin blogs that are active because this is the only one I can find

And then there’s a few scattered Kinfolk who run their own personal blogs and they can be a little difficult to find sometimes

My kinblog is here and I will keep is as safe of a place as possible for everyone 


do otherkin honestly believe they arnt human

We’ve answered this before, but I guess I can do it again.

The answer is no. I know I’m human, in a human body, in a human life, living in a human society, and using a human computer with my human fingers.

What I feel, though, is a spiritual connection to what I believe was a past life. I have memories where I wasn’t human. And sometimes, I wonder if my soul has a “shape,” because I can remember how my old body used to feel.

The short story is, no, we know we’re human. This is a spiritual belief (though others have different explanations, the past-life thing is most common). I know I’m not really a lion.

Anymore, anyway.


I apologize if this question has already been asked, but I just recently came to identify as a fictive and all the links I can find for most fictive (or even most otherkin) communities are long gone, or inactive, including some of the ones listed in your otherkin tag. Do you know of any that are still active?

Unfortunately, I have no connections to the Otherkin or Fictive community whatsoever! I mean, I know fictives, but those are mostly in systems. I don’t know any specifically fictive-geared blogs. And, to be honest, the “politics” of it all have me reluctant to try poking in to it.

Maybe our lovely followers can help.


I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude, I really want to understand c: why do otherkin need to eat differently from humans? Is it something they absolutley need to do, or something they choose to do?

It’s something we can choose to!

See, we all have human bodies, and, trust me, it’s something we’re acutely aware of. But some days, we want to feel like ourselves again, or sometimes we want to have fun, or sometimes we want to learn to cook something new and this is a good way to learn how!

These are also just some fun, themed recipes for any non-kin, too.

Food can be fun, but for us it’s even more fun if it reminds us of who we used to be. Does that help?


Hello! I'm not sure which blog to send this to, so I figure here's as good as any. :) This isn't food-related, but for anyone having trouble with their shifts, or feeling like they need a release, World of Warcraft might be a good option to let it out. Just personally, I play as a Worgen Druid, and I find that the shapeshifting aspect really helps me get a handle on my own shifts, and release it more steadily, compared to waiting for it to surface in daily life. Just a thought! :) Hope it helps!
hi this isn't necessarily a food question? i'm a harekin and i work a full-time job talking to people (like personal conversations with at least 100 people a day) and lately i've just felt so human and gross. and i don't know what to do to make myself feel better? i'm in this gross slump. i'm going to dig through the harekin (rabbitkin??) tag for recipes but do you have any other suggestions on how to get in touch with myself and feel... less human again? it's unpleasant and i dont like it ;-;

Wolf mod’s personal tips on how to feel more in touch with your Kinside:

  1. Meditate, meditate, meditate. I’ll tell everyone I come across that this is a good way to get in touch with that other side of yourself. Even if you don’t meditate in the traditional sense - with an empty mind and soulful focus inwards - you should still try to meditate. Put on some music that makes you feel more at peace with your kintype. Look at pictures that make you think of “home”. Zone out to these images and feelings. If you feel otherlimbs, focus on them. Actively wiggle your ears or your tail. Twitch your paws. Close your eyes and see inside of your head using your kin eyes. Eat the foods that make you think of your kintype. Take on kin-like behaviours. Set aside an hour or so every day to flex these spiritual muscles and unwind with your kintype. It helped me and I told my brother to do it and he did and it worked for him too. 
  2. Understand that your humanity doesn’t need to be separate! Your humanity doesn’t stop you from being ‘kin. There’s nothing wrong with being human. Being human is totally cool! We can do all these things that let us get in touch with our kintypes and that’s cool. Accept the human. Be the human. Lick the human. Wait, no. Don’t lick other people. Or do. Actually, do. Lick someone. Lick your friend and see what their reaction is (Hint: it’ll be hilarious) EDIT: You best ask permission before you lick unless you guys are super close. I swear to gods. 
  3. Have you time. Do something that makes you feel good that isn’t kin-related. Or it could be, if you want. Just do stuff for you sometimes. I find it’s easier to connect to the otherkin part of me if I’m relaxed. Watch a movie, be with your partner, go for a walk, get a massage. Do things that make you happy. 
  4. Network with other kinfolks! I feel more kin-like when I’m talking to other kinfolk and that’s probably because it’s when I can feel the most at home and not worry about hiding behind social conventions. 

And yes, m’dear, the rabbitkin tag is probably the one you’re after. I hope I helped at least a teeny tiny bit. You can always drop us another ask if you want help, or go check out my kinblog with the resources it has there or ask questions and I’ll give you good music or pictures or whatever it is you’re looking for. Check the mod page for the link.

Best of luck, though. I know it can be taxing to feel like you’re losing touch and being swamped in the gross human-y feeling.


We get a lot of questions about non-food related topics, and if the mods have personal blogs.

So I decided to sort of make a little patch to round up those sorts of questions, and made myself a kinblog. You can find it over at YorkBarghest. It would be great if you could send your non-food questions there, so we’re not clogging up this blog with non-food things. 

It also has a work-in-progress resource page for important or nice Kin things, which I would happily take suggestions for. 

So, if you ever need another kinfolk type person to talk to, you now have direct access to me. 


For the previous anon: multikin are totally possible! I personally how two kintypes that are totally unrelated to each other due to past life theory, and I know another multikin whose kintypes come from the soul splinter theory. My ask is always open if you want to move the conversation of kinfood! (:
To the person askin about shifterkin- TOTALLY a thing, considering that I'm a shapeshifterkin myself!!