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Looking at your raw food tag, carpaccio (mainly beef, but also meats such as salmon and tuna) is another way to go about eating raw meat. Also concerning tartare, if you are looking at eating it in a restaurant rather than preparing it, no matter what meat, it will usually come in small cubes, not ground, and more often than not be pretty expensive. Be very wary of ground tartare as some restaurants will cut costs by serving raw hamburger meat which isn't prepared properly and WILL make you ill.

All very true!

Raw meat is great, but, as always, be VERY CAREFUL.


Do you have any suggestions/recipes for raw meat? I know it can be very dangerous to eat and I understand if you don't want to risk posting raw meat recipes; I'm just curious if any of the admins have experience eating raw meat and would like to share some tips~

Yes, we’ve talked about raw meat before, but I suppose it’s never too late to do so.

In terms of eating actually raw meat, you have to do so under the best circumstances ever. Like ever. Like eat it in a Biosafety Level 3 lab if you really must. Because it has to be perfectly clean and from a reliable source, otherwise you’re gonna get sick.

Once you have some good meat that you’re comfortable with, you can eat something like tartare- most common being steak tartare (basically raw hamburger), or tuna tartare (cubed raw tuna in like a pile).

If you get a steak, you can also cook it to “bleu rare,” which means the outside will be seared, but the inside will be raw.

Personally, I like my steaks rare, but not bleu. It freaks me out that the insides are still cold. When it’s rare, it’s still soft and bloody, but warm throughout, which is good for me.

Just stay safe, get meat from a reliable source (a kosher butcher is pretty good at this, even if you’re not Jewish!), and take great care in the preperation, and all should be well.


Do you know of any ways to prepare ALMOST raw meat in a way that it would be safe to eat? I'm a dragonkin and I like my meat very, very rare but I'm kind of concerned I might get sick one of these days from eating almost-raw meat.

There are two types of rare, really, that you might wanna try:
-“Blue rare,” which is where the meat reaches a temperature of about 115, and is still quite raw on the inside. Not bad, but can possibly make you sick. I would suggest getting your meat from a good butcher if you do this. The only problem I have with it is that the juices aren’t really flowing that well, and I like me some blood.

-Rare is when the meat is about 120, and is deemed safe to eat. It’s still mostly red throughout, but all most anything that can make your tummy sick is cooked out.

If you’re feeling SUPER DARING, you can go for a tartare, which is actual raw, ground meat. I’m not a fan of the texture and, again, get it from a good place.

LION TIP: The best way to tell if something is cooked is to test it against your hand! That bit of muscle between your thumb and wrist is perfect for this. Touching your thumb to your forefinger, press onto that bit of muscle, and that’s how much a rare steak should give. Middle finger is medium, ring finger is well-done, and pinkie is a goddamn boot.

I hope that answers your question. Lemme know if you want more info, okay?


Hi, I'm dragonkin and I was wondering if you had any recipes or knew of any ways to prepare raw or very rare meat that is safe for consumption. My friend just sent me this blog today so I haven't had much time to explore, but I love everything I've seen so far and really appreciate the work put into it!

Extra-rare or Blue (bleu)

very red and cold
46–49 °C
115–120 °F

That’s the rarest meat that’s safe for human consumption. And this is a good way to cook it as such. I can’t condone eating raw meat, as you can get very sick (believe me, I tried), no matter how much you want to be close to your Kintype. It’s better to eat meat that has been cooked at least a little than to eat fully raw meat and get sick.

- Wolf

Edit: I added some tags for meat-eating kintypes because I think this is really important info. Thanks, Wolf! You’re so awesome.

- Fox