Kin Food
i find that if you combine a&w cream soda with a rich vanilla ice cream it makes a smooth sweet float that tastes (and feels) like delicious souls, especially if you spoon off the foam that collects on the top and eat it. just thought that might help someone.

Thank you!

A tip for anyone craving cold things. I'm a shadowkin who loves to snack and I love cold things that I can just pop in my mouth. So something that I love is frozen or half frozen grapes. It tastes fantastic
This may sound weird but, when I think of souls I think of Airheads. Not sure why, maybe because they're unique. They're a taffy but not. They have a nice tang and I like the idea of a semi sticky/chewy but not very so damned soul. I'm sure that sounds odd but I'm curious if any demonkin agree on this.

raspberry cobbler with dark chocolate biscuits.
Eating Dreams

Hello I am a gengar kin and I thought I would add a bit about dream eating. dreams come in many tastes and textures a happy dream will be very sweet and a bad dream is sour and spicy. A dream is by nature fluffy but will vary on the length and clarity of the dream. a weak or short dream Will be very light and airy like foam. and a strong or long one will be thick like cotton candy.I hope this helps

Good day, wonderful Kinfood. I noticed a lot of requests for electricity/energy/souls/etc, and I wanted to say that there's a candy called Zotz that would work really well. It's a hard candy that feels like electricity when you eat it! I hope this recommendation was helpful!

Thank you so much! - Fox

Regarding that one soul-ish smoothie, I'd personally recommend peaches and orange/tangerine/ect slices to add to the mix. (Though I'm rodentkin/dogkin, so im no really the best person to ask ;>.> )
For the soul-eating/drinking beings, I found an amazing thing! A smoothie with strawberries, vanilla whey protein powder, and ice cubes, crushed in a blender until frothy. It tasted like delicious souls sliding down my throat! Don't know if it'll work for anyone else, but I loved it. It's sweet too!

Soul smoothie anon: I forgot that you need rice milk and a banana too! I’m sorry ahhhh


That actually sounds delicious and as someone with a taste for soul-ish foods, I’m most certainly going to be trying this.


I was just thinking (which is a dangerous thing).

Any being who enjoys eating light and airy things (such as souls or spirit energy or anything of the like) and has a sweet tooth can probably satisfy a few urges with cotton candy.

I know that it makes me feel grand and gives me all sorts of lovely feelings that involve eating spirity sort of things.

So yes. Cotton candy.


Shinigami Smooch

This drink was made for reapers or death spirits - or any creatures who like the sweet, smooth taste of souls - but it can also be a drink for fae, or maybe even bears, as it contains cream and sweet things and light-tasting fruit! Sadly I don’t have a photo because every time I make it I end up forgetting that I need to photograph it, whoops.


-3 large strawberries
-Approx. half a cup of half & half cream
-One ‘snack size’ vanilla pudding cup
-Approx. half a cup of milk
-A teaspoon of sugar (optional)
-A big mug

1.) Wash and de-leaf the strawberries. On a plate or cutting board, chop them into fine little pieces. (You can also use a food processor if you really want to, but that will probably eliminate an option at the end.)

2.) Put these strawberries into your mug. If there’s any juice on your plate/cutting board, make sure it goes in, too!

3.) Pour your cream so that it almost covers the strawberries. Then, spoon the pudding in. Mix everything thoroughly.

4.) Pour in your milk until it reaches almost the top of your mug. Mix everything again.

5.) Now you have an option - eat the strawberry bits now, strain the strawberry bits out, or leave them in. Personally I spoon out and eat them first before drinking the drink.

6.) Optional - taste it and, if it isn’t sweet enough yet, add a teaspoon of sugar and mix it again.

7.) Drink with bliss.