Kin Food

Has anyone ever submitted this recipe? Its absolutely perfect for sweet toothed dragonkin and other gem eaters! This recipe takes a bit of patience, but its cheap and absolutely satisfying. I think its an interesting spin on just plain rock candy, and it looks very realistic. Definitely recommend giving it a try!

For anyone who wants to chew/gnaw, or perhaps anyone who craves stuff like bamboo or bark, and also happens to have a sweet tooth, I totally recommend raw sugar cane! You can chew on it to get the sweet juice out, and one chunk of it=hours of chew. I like to chew it while I am watching a movie or something, instead of eating something like popcorn or chips, because I like chewing/eating idly and its a little better for me than eating junk food~ 

A small tip for anyone who’s fond of the idea of eating rocks: cheap canned meatballs, when removed from the tomato sauce, look rather similar to pebbles formed of generic grey rock.

In addition, feta cheese resembles limestone (and I seem to recall the texture being not dissimilar either; at least, for someone with a dragon’s teeth).

This isn’t really that special but if you like pumpkin and kinda warm-tasting foods, you can toast any kind of waffle or toast or pancake, and spread peanut butter on it, and then top it with ground allspice and cinnamon, along with pumpkin pie spice. It’s really warm and pumpkin-y depending on how much spice you put on it and it’s a great fall-related breakfast or snack!

Also, for people that like bones, you could gnaw on chicken or turkey bones or something like that, or you could try to freeze milk. Freezing milk takes a while longer, though, since it apparently separates if you just pop it in the freezer. It is possible to freeze it though! Google can explain this better than me, honestly„„,

Hi guys! Thank you so much for your hard work in this blog despite being busy. I really hope I’m not bothering ya’ll but I had a submission!

So Halloween is coming soon so it’s a great time to start whipping out the grossest recipes you got! Especially if you’re a kin type that likes blood and flesh. I thought maybe this link of gory recipes would help! (ps. I find red jello to be a fun substitute for clotted blood!)

Thanks again! ~ vampire batkin ♡ 

I’m literally in love with this oh my lord.


Not a full recipe, but a suggestion for birdkin or anyone who would like worms: Korean Bean Sprouts! My grandma makes them quite often, they’re pale in color, a little crunchy, very juicy, and they look like worms! 

I have a recipe for meat-loving kin that want something to sorta simulate skin and blood!

They’re called Barbecue Cups~

So first thing’s first, you need Pilsbury roll dough and ground beef/whatever ground meat you want and barbecue sauce of your choice, and a cupcake tin.

1. Butter the tin

2. Put the roll dough in the tin so you have room to put the meat in. Save some dough to cover the top if you want!

3. cook the meat with the barbecue sauce you want and scoop it into the dough cups

4. Add whatever else you want (hot sauce, onions, anything) 

5. Cover the cups with more dough

6. Bake for the directed amount of time

7. And you’re done! You can add some Worcestershire for a more “bloody” affect, too!

- A very hungry dragonkin!

there wasnt really a better place for this because the ask isnt open but!!

i found out recently that when im feeling alienkin watermelon juice (the one in the minutemaid cartons) really satisfies my cravings. im not sure why, maybe because it looks other-worldly, and has that flavor thats familiar, but out of reach to pinpoint because it doesnt taste exactly like watermelon. it also has a bit of a sour tang to it. sometimes i put a watermelon square on the side of the glass, not for a particular reason other than its more aesthetically pleasing to me, and i love watermelon

That’s a great suggestion, thank you!

Batkin buns

Not exactly a recipe, but the ask wasn’t open, so i suppose this is the best place to do this.

I like to take buns and hallow them out with a spoon or my fingers, and then fill it with pulled pork when I’m feeling batlike, but If my other kins are active I like to fill them with jam or other fillings (You can easily use a spoon to do this) and microwave them. 

Its a nice quick snack that fills me up, and helps with my kin feeling at the same time owo

i submitted yesterday but i think tumblr ate it, boo!

this was in response to the hellhoundkin who needed cheap stuff (probably wanting meat particularly?) but it’s good for anyone who wants some meat that’s easy to add to foods

this stuff is freeze-dried shredded pork (or pork floss).

you can eat it straight by pinching it up, or adding it into food. i like mine in rice and instant noodles. sandwiches also go well with it. it has a LOT of flavor, so a little goes a long way. rehydrating is easy, just butter, oil or even water will work - but it’s good dry imo).

 i think it’s about 4-6$ usually? you can get it at an asian grocery. (i get mine from my local H-mart)